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After some of my family members were murdered by one their neighbors, it made me rethink about personal safety. The Texas CHL class that I took was… well for a lack of a better word, lacking. The class left me with more questions than answers. In researching my questions I discovered how to become a Texas DPS CHL Instructor.
I believe in giving back. In giving back I have served my country by serving 10 years in the U.S. Navy. I served my community by volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America for several years. Currently my primary job is as a 911   Paramedic.
I feel that everyone has the right of “Self Defense”. Please contact me for private and/or women only classes.
Mickey L Crump is certified in the State of Texas and has several years of experience training others in the proper safety and use of firearms.  He is an NRA Instructor as well as an NRA Recruiter. The CHL professionally developed curriculum uses multiple training techniques and aides to help students learn the material and retain the content.

Luke 22:36-38