Getting Started

What is needed?
FYI: Class Duration is 4 to 6 hours of classroom instructions,
plus gun range qualification testing.
            For the Class:
1. Pen and paper for taking notes and to fill out forms.
2. You may bring snacks / sack lunck, bottled water / drinks
For the Gun Range:
1.Handgun (must be larger than a .32 caliber) and 50 rounds of ammo.   At the time of the class if you do  not have a suitable handgun I have a 9mm and  40 cal S&W are available for rent.
2. Eye and Ear Protection.
3. Spair Magizine (if you have one).
4. NO Low Cut / Open Collar Shirts.
5. NO Shorts.
6. NO Open Shoes / Flip-Flops.
See the below "Hot Brass Dance" Videos.

Hot Brass Dance
Watch and Learn

Now that you have taken my class what is next?
1. Make sure your computer is connected to a printer and that you are “on line”.
2. Complete the DPS online application (see my “Links” page) and make the online appointment for your fingerprinting
3. Print off the DPS “Check List”. Follow the check list. Mail the required documents to DPS

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